No More Working Late For Me!

I’ve decided that I will only bring work home on the weekend if I do not finish it after school. In fact, I’ve decided to only stay after school 1 day/week. Two days max. Since my classroom is always clean, the only time I need to stay after is when I need to change the bulletin boards. This means more time with my husband and children.

HERE’S TO 2011!

“That’s Fine,” She Said.

Okay, I think I was a victim of a misunderstanding. I say I think because I’m not sure. The conversation had two possible meanings. Apparently the one I understood was the incorrect one. Here’s what happened. My school won the Clippers FIT challenge in our area so the FIT team was there working with the kids. The teachers had nothing to do but stand around in the hot sun. Suddenly, I spotted a bench in the shade, so I went over to sit down. That’s when the art teacher comes over.

“You wanna’ sit down?,” I asked.

“That’s fine,” she said, with a wave of her hand. I took this to mean that she was okay standing & didn’t want to sit. So, I didn’t scoot over. Well, about 30 seconds later she kinda’ huffs off and sits down further over.

I was a bit confused over her huffing. I thought she didn’t want to sit down. I totally didn’t understand that. What would you have thought?

Hey, Mom! Look At Me! Look What I Can Do!

What I am about to say (write) will sound incredibly conceited, but it’s not. As usual, just bear with me and I will bring it around. Let me begin by saying (writing) that I just read my horoscope and was surprised at its accuracy. It detailed how I am a late bloomer. And this is true.  All during my 20s I was a housewife. Firstly, because I was raising children. Secondly, because I didn’t want to do something that I did not enjoy or end up in a dead end job with no career. So, I waited until I discovered what I wanted to do. That didn’t happen until I was 27 years old when I worked as a tutor for World Literacy Crusade. It took me another 4 years before I could get started. So at the ripe old age of 31, I started working with Special Education children. So, although I am about to be 41 years old, I’ve only been in my chosen profession for 10 years. I said all that to say that my horoscope was right. I am indeed a late bloomer. But late bloomer or not, I am incredibly talented! I say this because within the past five years I have discovered so much about myself.

I discovered that:

  • I am excellent at presentations. I surprised myself with that because I was really shy when I was younger.
  • I’m an excellent public speaker. I am not afraid to get up and speak in front of any crowd. Not only that, but once I do speak, I blow their socks off.
  • I have a real passion for writing,
  • I am really creative side,
  • I am very good at organization,
  • I have the ability to motivate students,
  • I have the ability to enrapture a crowd.

I am looking forward to discovering more of ME because all the things I’ve discovered about myself so far makes me so proud to be ME. I feel like a little kid showing off to my mother, saying “Hey mom. Look at me! Look what I can do!”

Now, that doesn’t sound so conceited, does it?

HERE’S TO 2011!

Monthly Library Trip

Hello, Dear Readers, I just returned from my monthly walking trip to the library. I am so tired. I was not this tired last time.

Thank goodness these trips are on a Friday because I am usually so tired afterward. I love these monthly trips. My students get to walk and see the neighborhood. They get to go to another library that’s bigger than the one we have at the school. Not only that, it’s like a mini-field trip. The good part is that we don’t have to pay anything. Not even for the books. I LOVE THE LIBRARY!

I Hate to Stop You From Reading, But…

That’s what I had to tell one of my students. I REALLY hated to stop him, but he was not finished with his classwork. My students know there is a  MUST DO/MAY DO system in my class. At the top of the MUST DO (Chores) system, what the students need to complete, is:

  • Finish incomplete work
  • Writing journal
  • Math line graph
  • Problem of the Day

After that, the students have choices for their MAY DOs (Free time). They are:

  • Reading
  • Art journal
  • Various Bingo games

There is never a time where the students has nothing to do. My favorite saying in the class is “Doing absolutely nothing is absolutely not an option.”

I really hated him to stop him from reading, but…

Still Surprising Myself!

I just read an interesting article about Special Education teachers who transition to General Education. The article said something that surprised me. It talked about how Special Education teachers who transition to General Education have the neatest & most organized classrooms with the most explicit rules. I thought it was odd that that applied to me. So I called my husband & shared it with him. I was surprised when he told me that my classroom has always been neat & clean. I thought about it & sure enough my classroom has always been neat, clean, & organized. Who knew???