Getting Better & Better!

When I first started teaching I would look at teachers who used all the books in their classroom (including the accompanying books) & think that I would like to do the same; or at the very least, look like I’m doing the same. Oh, how I envied them.

“When am I going to make it to that point?,” I wondered. Well, the time has come. The time is now. Right now I am using the books in my class with the accompanying workbooks, and you know what? It’s actually easier to use them. Let me explain. I was trying to reinvent the wheel by doing my own thing. What that “thing” was, I don’t even know. I just know that I was going about this whole teaching thing the wrong way. Thankfully, I feel I’ve been pointed in the right direction. It helps so much to be around other teachers. You can get new ideas and practices.

So, I will not be re-inventing the wheel anytime soon. What I am doing is working, and if it ain’t broke…well, you know the rest.

HERE’S TO 2011!

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