Like Monica said, “Just One of Them Days!”

Yesterday was a terrible day. It was just one of them days. It’s too bad I can’t post You tube videos on here any more. If I could have, believe that I would have. That song captured my sentiments perfectly. I’m just happy the day is over because so many bad things happened. Something that should have been good news, wasn’t. I was a big ole’ ball of negativity just waiting to explode and explode I did. One thing that’s hard to get over is the fact that I couldn’t sleep. I had a bad feeling. I was out of sorts. I tried to ignore it but I kept waking up. It’s like it was an early warning system. I didn’t really ignore it. I just tried to power through it, instead of dealing with it. Let me tell you that it didn’t work. I could not calm down all day. I just wanted to roll up in a big old ball and die. But, tomorrow’s a different day. Hopefully it will be better.

HERE’S TO 2011!


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