Read Only What’s There. Not What You Think is There!

Read Only What’s There. Not What You Think is There!

That’s what I tell my students as we begin reading any material.

“When we begin,” I say to them, “I am going to correct you. I may correct you a lot, but it will  do two things. First, it will improve your comprehension. Secondly, it will improve your reading fluency. But, the good part is when you self-correct. When you self-correct, that means you’re paying attention to what’s there and not what you think is there.

So, in the beginning, when they’ve gone past a word (i.e., a, or, it, the) or if they add a word, I stop them and ask them exactly what the word was. I let them struggle with it for about 30 seconds. If they cannot get it after that time, I lead them to the correct word.

This process has served me well. My students are self-correcting their way to deeper comprehension and higher fluency score. I will post the results of their monthly fluency scores tomorrow soon.

HERE’S TO 2011!