Excited to the 4th Power or (They Got Excited Over Exponents!)

***WARNING- I am going to use the words “super” & “excited” a lot in this post. Read at your own risk!*** 🙂

With my current students or any student I’ve ever worked with, I always preface my statement when I tell them to stop working by saying, “I hate to stop you from…, but…”

Well, yesterday was no different as I told my students to stop doing their math work on exponents and get started on their Phonics work.

“I hate to stop you from doing your work on the board,” I said, “but you really need to move on to Phonics & stop doing Math.” I really didn’t want to stop them because they were so enthusiastic about learning exponents, when that really wasn’t the case, even 20 minutes before. Let me set the scene.

I realized I had a lot of work to do at the beginning of the year when the bulk of my students didn’t have a clue about what exponents were. Their skills were sorely lacking in some areas because…well, let’s just say they didn’t get quality teaching last year and leave it at that. Fast forward 5 months and you will understand why I am super excited about my 5th graders getting excited about studying exponents.

I was a bit hesitant about teaching it to them because as I had them turn to the page, there was a lot of moaning and bellyaching, with proclamations of, “I can’t do that!” and “It’s too hard!”

“You can do it,” I told them. “You just need to do it step by step.” Once I convinced them they could do it, they reluctantly gave it a try. Color me super happy when they got super excited over doing them. I actually had to stop them from doing the problems.  So, although they weren’t exposed to the type of work they should have been last year, they were little sponges eager to sop up information once they were given the chance. Just like I thought they would. They have surprised me so many times. I hope they continue to surprise me. I believe they will. I am super happy and super excited- to the 4th power!