Math Programs! Which One To Choose??

In our staff meeting a couple of weeks ago, we were discussing our disgust with the Scott Foresman math program our school currently uses. The books are old & not very user friendly. Thankfully my Principal wants to replace them as badly as I want them replaced. So, I volunteered to help look for replacements. So far, I’ve looked @:

  • Saxon math
  • Singapore math
  • Touch Math
  • Everyday Math by the University of Chicago

I don’t know any more. If you know of any good math programs for K-8, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

2 thoughts on “Math Programs! Which One To Choose??

  1. Our district just switched to saxon. Any direct instruction program is hairy to start, but teachers are liking it so far.
    In our special education program we have added the online self-adjusting Aleks Math program. A definite must to help fill the holes and build foundation skills. Our HS is even using for credit recovery. Starts at 3rd grade though.

  2. Lisa, I like Saxon Math. My younger son uses it in Middle School. I really wanted a sample of Singapore Math, but they are pretty stingy with their samples. I requested some, but was told that I would have to observe in someone’s class who uses it. I wanted to cross them off the list after that, but my Principal & I agreed that it’s a pretty good program.
    I have two meetings with publishers next week. So, I’ll see how things go. Thanks for your input.

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