Simply Exhausted!

Hello Dear Readers. As my title states, I am simply exhausted. I couldn’t really understand it until I really looked at my day. I do SO much work. Teaching two grades is more than a notion. Not only do I teach six subjects to 4th grade, but I teach six subjects to 5th grade. In addition to that, I have to make all the tests because I have no supplemental materials. They weren’t ordered last year for whatever reason. Not matter the reason, I do not have supplemental materials for any of 4th grade. No, that’s not entirely true. For Reading, I have an annotated teacher’s edition that I have to white out to make copies. Other than that, nope, I don’t have it.

I thought it was just me, but the other teachers at my school are feeling it too. Teaching multiple grades is wearing me down. On top of that, I may be getting 3 new students; all siblings. It’s so late in the year, I don’t know about this. We’ll see how this plays out.

HERE’S TO 2011!


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