A Lazy Sunday…

It has been such a lazy weekend. I think it’s because I know I don’t have work tomorrow. That didn’t stop me from working though. In fact, it actually made me work harder. Since I teach two grades, I am always planning. It seems like I never have enough time. So, color me happy knowing that I have an extra day off. The extra time sent me into overdrive. I’ve completed all the stories for my 3rd theme in Reading- That’s Amazing! I’m getting ready to start on it for 5th grade. That way, I don’t have to worry about Reading for at least 3 more weeks. I also completed 4th grade Social Studies on Friday afternoon. I stayed at school until 6 o’clock doing it. I didn’t want to, but it’s okay, because it will save me a couple of days after school next week. Now that I am ahead again, I will work little by little. I do not like being behind. It just sort of snuck up on me.

I will be printing my work out tomorrow for school on Wednesday. There’s no school on Tuesday since the whole school is going on a trip to San Juan Capistrano’s mission. I’ve never been there. I’m looking forward to it. Not only that, I’m looking forward to more sleep. So, I will post again about children watching Bugs Bunny in a different light when I wake up. Bye for now!

HERE’S TO 2011!


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