Dear Abby, What Do I Do?

Dear Readers,

I have a serious problem. I am seriously short on patience with one of my students. He goes out of his way to annoy everyone in the classroom and ya’ know what, he’s pretty damn good at it. Prett-ay. Prett-ay good. He loves bringing someone to their breaking point. When someone breaks, he smiles. This is what he does. If there are two rows and one is crowded, he just has to go down the crowded aisle and “accidentally” happen to stick out his elbow and hit someone in the face.

Another thing he likes to do is break his pencil lead. The other day he “accidentally” broke his pencil lead for the fifth time this week. He does this when he wants to get up and walk around the room. I can hear someone asking if I let him get up and walk around. Well, the answer is yes, yes I do. I even gave him the classroom job of Paper monitor that would allow him to walk around. But, he couldn’t seem to collect everyone’s homework without “accidentally” hitting someone or “accidentally” forgetting to pick up someone’s homework. He lasted for all of three days before I had to remove him for causing too much commotion. I’ve also tried him out as the pencil sharpener. That really didn’t work! I tried him out a classroom cleaner. How do you think that worked out??? If you’re thinking that he “accidentally” hit everyone with the broom, wasted the contents of the dustpan and made so much noise, then you are exactly right!!!

Dear Reader, I am at my wit’s end. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH HIM! Please give me some type of useful advice. Just thinking about going in tomorrow to deal with him makes me want to call in sick. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Dear Abby, What Do I Do?

  1. Have you
    a) tried to take away any priveledges from him i.e. stay in at recess etc.
    b) Have you looked at the Magic 123 programme? I watched the parent video and it really works a dream for me with difficult kids. I don’t shout anymore…
    c) Have you tried to zone in on his strengths, rather than his weaknesses i.e. not jobs but a special focus on his interests e.g. I had a creative student do poster projects for events around the school. She became so engaged in what she was doing she forgot to be “naughty.”
    Another student was into surfing and I got him to start blogging about daily surfing conditions.

    Often the bad behaviour is a cover up for some learning issue going on…would rather be known as the “naughty kid” than the “dumb kid”

    Good luck – hope you find solutions for him – it is the worst thing when one kid is responsible for ruining the entire classroom vibe.

  2. Teachermum, I have taken away privileges. He stays in at recess at least twice a week. He loses nearly all his classroom money. I have tried to zone in on his strengths, but he does something to make me wish he were not in my classroom. I will look up the Magic 123 program. I am willing to try almost anything.
    Thank you for your response.

  3. So I am dying to hear how 1-2-3 magic worked for the teacher who has a student who went out of his way to be naughty. Did she follow through with the programme? Very Curious? Thanks, Teacher and Mom (dingojen)

  4. I am starting 1-2-3 magic with a few new teachers who are having some difficulties with behaviour managment. Would love to hear how it went with the Dear Abby post on Feb. 24, 2011

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