Oh, Boy, Little Girls & Waterworks!

Today, two of my little girls, who I will call Little Lady & Sweetie Pie, got into a fight during Music. I was so surprised as I walked into the Music Room & saw Little Lady crying & Sweetie Pie holding back tears.

“What is going on?” I asked Little Lady as I gave her a big fat hug and let her cry it out. It was at this point that Car Boy passed by & said all-super-spy-like, “Miss, her and Sweetie Pie had a fight.” After that, I knew the waterworks were not going to stop any time soon. After our short walk to the classroom (all the while hugging Little Lady), I called Sweetie Pie to the back. It was at this point that she burst into tears. I felt like crying too. I didn’t, but it took strength. I counseled them as they both cried. I tried to get them to hug it out. They wouldn’t. The boys tried to get them to hug it out. They still wouldn’t. Sweetie Pie wanted to, but Little Lady is a stubborn little thing. After 10 minutes of talking and consoling them, I realized they were not going to hug it out. So, I moved on & read the class the last of the Dr. Seuss books before the month ends. I let them go with a promise to think of a way they could be friends again. I don’t know how they’re going to interact with each other tomorrow. That remains to be seen! I’m betting there will be more waterworks tomorrow. We’ll see.

***Note- The girls made up by text the same night***

Just the Right Book!

I love bibliotherapy and personally feel that it works. If you want to say something to someone and don’t know how to say it, say it with a book. That’s why I am looking for just the right book to tell one of my students about his behavior. This particular student, technically, bullies other people, but a book about bullying isn’t quite for him because he does it in such a way that the other person gets into trouble. All the while, he has the look of “What did I do” on his face. One thing about this kid I need to say, he is very good at his job.

I want to say it with a book but don’t quite know which one. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Curriculum Mapping

I just came from a fantastic Curriculum Mapping training. I will not have time to write about it now because my sister is giving a speech tonight. So, I will write about it tomorrow. So, if you don’t know what this is, you will tomorrow. Bye for now!

Peter Griffin, the Dragon Ball Z Stance, & the Black Sheep of the Family!

The title, as it is, is long and maybe a bit confusing. As usual, just sit back and you will understand it shortly.

Peter_GriffinI’ve made it a habit of making my class into family. Unfortunately, not this year. I was thinking that it didn’t happen this year, but it did. However, and this is a big however, there is one student who just does not fit, no matter how hard I try. Who is it, you ask? It’s the student of the infamous pencil taped to the floor incident. No matter what I do, he always seems to get under the skin of the other students. Just the other day, I had to separate him from four other students who were ready to fight him. All at the same time!

Let me set the scene of my school. The students at my school aren’t violent; they don’t fight. The one “fight” two of my students did have in my class consisted of one pushing the other. That was it. Nothing else to report on that. That’s why it was so urgent for me to separate Olive Boy from the other students.

Now that I’ve set the scene of my school, let me describe my students. My students are very peaceful. The biggest problem I have in my class is that they talk too much. Student #1, who I will call Peter Griffin, was so upset with this particular student that he had his fists balled up and he didn’t even know it. Student #2, who I will call Golden Boy, was redder than a tomato and giving him the stink-eye. Student #3, who I will call Warrior Boy, had his fist balled up and was in a Piccolo (from Dragon BallZ) fighting stance.

So, I asked, “Warrior Boy, are you going to fight him?”

“What are you talking about Miss, I’m not mad,” he said.

Look at yourself. You are in a fighting stance, your fists are balled up, and your face is red. “You are definitely ready to fight,” I said.

Warrior Boy then looked at himself in disbelief. He didn’t even realize he was as mad as he was.

Car Boy was giving him the side eye of death. “Miss, he keeps bothering me,” he said. With all four boys mad at Olive Boy, I knew I had to defuse the situation, but quick. So, I calmed Peter Griffin, Warrior Boy, Golden Boy, & Car Boy down by separating them and moving them to the other side of the room by my desk to have a chat with them. I actually had to send Warrior Boy & Golden Boy out of the room to calm down.

I told you all this to say that I have created a family in my classroom with all but one student. This particular student is the Black Sheep of the family. He constantly bothers the rest of the class. He irritates all but two girls in the class. I have been given advice by Teachermum that I have to say I tried only one time though; so I guess I didn’t really try. Teachermum, I will try it next week. I have to tell you that I have been at my breaking point more than once with this student. I will exercise more patience with this student. He is the black sheep of the family, but I will never give up on him. I will keep trying. But, boy am I happy the end of the year is near!

Friday- Where Are You?

Friday, I have a bone to pick with you. I don’t know what’s going on with you. You’ve been taking longer and longer to come and see me. And when you come, you leave waaaaaaaaaaaay too soon. What’s wrong? Don’t you love me anymore? If so, please visit more often, okay! I’ll be waiting for you. I Love You!

I Had A Bad Day!

Yep, as the title states, I had a bad day. It was the kind of day where you just want to roll up in a big ole’ ball and die. I say it was a bad day because it just seemed like I couldn’t do anything right. Today was my writing coach’s visit. I thought she remembered our time was 10:30. I was waiting for her, but she didn’t come until I was teaching Math. At that point she was just in the way. I felt like I was stumbling all over the place. It could have been my imagination, but I don’t think so. Tomorrow is Thursday and the day after that is Friday. Watch out weekend, here I come!

Cowboy & Octopus by Jon Scieszka

I have to say that this story, Cowboy & Octopus (2007), by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith was not my cup of tea. I absolutely hated it. Why am I reviewing this book then? Well, I am reviewing this because Jon Scieszka, a former school teacher, writes books for reluctant readers (read boys), and he did his job with this one.

I recently bought this book for $1 D.W. Discount Books’ going out of business sale. The price was so ridiculously good, I did something I don’t usually do, I bought it without reading it. I figured since it was Jon Scieszka, it couldn’t possibly be bad. Well, I was wrong. I read it, hated it and passed it on to Phillise, thinking my “grownupness” was getting in the way. Well, Phillise hated it too.

So, bells started going off. Jon Scieszka writes for boys. Since that is the case, why don’t I give this book to a little boy and see how he likes it. I hit paydirt when I gave it to my neighbor’s 6 year old son. He laughed and laughed his little head off.

“What is he laughing at?,” I thought to myself. By golly, he was laughing at the book. I got a further thought to try it with the boys in my class. My theory= of the fourth graders, it was my belief that two of my students would like it, since they are a bit immature; the other one, since he already has sophisticated tastes, would hate it. While the last student I was  on the fence about. I figured he could go either way.

My theories were correct. The immature ones liked it. The one I was unsure of, who I was on the fence about,  despised it. The one with the sophisticated tastes, thought it was one of the worst books he’d read. None of my fifth graders liked it. So, my conclusion is that Jon Scieszka hit it out of the park with this one. I didn’t like it, but it wasn’t written for me. I am not the target audience- 5 & 6 year olds are the target audience and they love it.

So, go out and get it for your little reluctant reader. Apparently they love it!