No Sour Grapes This Time, My Friend!

Ok, Dear Readers, this time I will not be eating sour grapes. Not that there was any sour grape eating last time either. This time I will definitely be ready for the Open House we’re about to have. I have been working on a writing project with my students that will definitely be on my writing board with pictures. Not only that, but I will have the published work bound (by the student) on display.

I already have their student bound Dr. Seuss books on display. I just need to put their K-W-L charts on the reading board. I need something else for my reading board to send it over the top. Although I hope everyone’s room is nice, I’m not worried about it. I’m only worried about my room and my sweet grapes I will be eating. Nope, no sour grapes this time, my friend!

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