Fruitful Friday!

As of this week, I’ve instituted Friday center time. I have the Art Center, Writing Center, Computer Center, Leila Center, Reading Center (on the rug), & finally the Game Center.

At the Leila center, I pay the students and review concepts they may have had trouble with. For the first time, things went pretty smoothly. Today, in addition to paying the students and reviewing concepts they had problems with, I did their monthly Dibels testing & let them buy from the classroom store.

I know I’ve been promising to post pics of my classroom store. Well, here they are:


3 thoughts on “Fruitful Friday!

  1. Teachermum, I use the Lakeshore money, plus a timesheet. The timesheet helps them take ownership of their behavior, and helps them with their addition & multiplication. I’ll send you an e-mail with the timesheet, & the checks. Lakeshore Learning is only in the U.S., but I’m sure there’s a store out there by you where you can purchase school money. Here’s a link to my post where I talk about it:

  2. Thanks Leila – I have read the post and it has given me lots to think about. I have started with tokens this year, but the money idea definitely gives me something to think about for next year! Some other posts caught my eye while I was reading your classroom management post too.
    I really do enjoy reading your blog!

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