Peter Griffin, the Dragon Ball Z Stance, & the Black Sheep of the Family!

The title, as it is, is long and maybe a bit confusing. As usual, just sit back and you will understand it shortly.

Peter_GriffinI’ve made it a habit of making my class into family. Unfortunately, not this year. I was thinking that it didn’t happen this year, but it did. However, and this is a big however, there is one student who just does not fit, no matter how hard I try. Who is it, you ask? It’s the student of the infamous pencil taped to the floor incident. No matter what I do, he always seems to get under the skin of the other students. Just the other day, I had to separate him from four other students who were ready to fight him. All at the same time!

Let me set the scene of my school. The students at my school aren’t violent; they don’t fight. The one “fight” two of my students did have in my class consisted of one pushing the other. That was it. Nothing else to report on that. That’s why it was so urgent for me to separate Olive Boy from the other students.

Now that I’ve set the scene of my school, let me describe my students. My students are very peaceful. The biggest problem I have in my class is that they talk too much. Student #1, who I will call Peter Griffin, was so upset with this particular student that he had his fists balled up and he didn’t even know it. Student #2, who I will call Golden Boy, was redder than a tomato and giving him the stink-eye. Student #3, who I will call Warrior Boy, had his fist balled up and was in a Piccolo (from Dragon BallZ) fighting stance.

So, I asked, “Warrior Boy, are you going to fight him?”

“What are you talking about Miss, I’m not mad,” he said.

Look at yourself. You are in a fighting stance, your fists are balled up, and your face is red. “You are definitely ready to fight,” I said.

Warrior Boy then looked at himself in disbelief. He didn’t even realize he was as mad as he was.

Car Boy was giving him the side eye of death. “Miss, he keeps bothering me,” he said. With all four boys mad at Olive Boy, I knew I had to defuse the situation, but quick. So, I calmed Peter Griffin, Warrior Boy, Golden Boy, & Car Boy down by separating them and moving them to the other side of the room by my desk to have a chat with them. I actually had to send Warrior Boy & Golden Boy out of the room to calm down.

I told you all this to say that I have created a family in my classroom with all but one student. This particular student is the Black Sheep of the family. He constantly bothers the rest of the class. He irritates all but two girls in the class. I have been given advice by Teachermum that I have to say I tried only one time though; so I guess I didn’t really try. Teachermum, I will try it next week. I have to tell you that I have been at my breaking point more than once with this student. I will exercise more patience with this student. He is the black sheep of the family, but I will never give up on him. I will keep trying. But, boy am I happy the end of the year is near!


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