Oh, Boy, Little Girls & Waterworks!

Today, two of my little girls, who I will call Little Lady & Sweetie Pie, got into a fight during Music. I was so surprised as I walked into the Music Room & saw Little Lady crying & Sweetie Pie holding back tears.

“What is going on?” I asked Little Lady as I gave her a big fat hug and let her cry it out. It was at this point that Car Boy passed by & said all-super-spy-like, “Miss, her and Sweetie Pie had a fight.” After that, I knew the waterworks were not going to stop any time soon. After our short walk to the classroom (all the while hugging Little Lady), I called Sweetie Pie to the back. It was at this point that she burst into tears. I felt like crying too. I didn’t, but it took strength. I counseled them as they both cried. I tried to get them to hug it out. They wouldn’t. The boys tried to get them to hug it out. They still wouldn’t. Sweetie Pie wanted to, but Little Lady is a stubborn little thing. After 10 minutes of talking and consoling them, I realized they were not going to hug it out. So, I moved on & read the class the last of the Dr. Seuss books before the month ends. I let them go with a promise to think of a way they could be friends again. I don’t know how they’re going to interact with each other tomorrow. That remains to be seen! I’m betting there will be more waterworks tomorrow. We’ll see.

***Note- The girls made up by text the same night***