Scholastic’s Word Girl Definition Competition

Attention, Elementary school teachers. Sign your class up for Scholastic’s Word Girl Definition Competition. Although there was a deadline of April 22, 2011 to sign up for the classroom kit, it’s not too late to sign up for the live webcast today @ 10 a.m. P.S.T. or 1 p.m. E.S.T.

Here’s the link if you’d like to sign up for the competition:

About Definition Competition

Competition: noun (kom-pi-tish-uhn) a contest between two or more people

Inspired by the educational objectives of the WordGirl television show, which airs daily on PBS KIDS GO! (check local listings), the WordGirl Definition Competition from Scholastic is a way to engage your students with vocabulary words in an entertaining and interactive context. During the 30-minute, live webcast, students will enrich their vocabulary and have fun in the process! And, as Scholastic’s official Ambassador of Summer Reading WordGirl will kickoff the Scholastic Summer Challenge to get students excited about books and reading all summer long!

The Definition Competition will consist of three short rounds plus a bonus round. In a game-show setting, students will put their vocabulary skills in practice as they are asked questions pertaining to word usage, definitions, using words in different contexts and reading comprehension. Your class will play along, in real-time, by submitting answers online during the webcast and may be called out during the event! Plus, by registering for the Definition Competition, your class and school will automatically be entered into the WordGirl Definition Competition Sweepstakes for a chance to win books and WordGirl prizes! Click here to learn more and read official rules.

Prepare your students for the Definition Competition! Register today to receive your Event Kit*, which offers kids practice with skills featured in the Webcast:

  • Understanding the meanings of words
  • Using context clues for correct word usage
  • Leveraging visuals to define words
  • Drawing on existing vocabulary knowledge
  • Presenting vocabulary words in varied and interesting ways

For more information about the WordGirl Definition Competition, read the Webcast FAQ.


Finally!!! As of 12:30 today, I am officially on Spring Break. It seems like it took so long. What am I going to do with myself, you ask? I’m going to do absolutely nothing, sleep, & volunteer at my daughter’s school. What I’m about to do right now is take a nap. So, good-bye for now.

Spring Break, I Love You & I Hate You!

Dear Spring Break,

I am upset with you. It’s even worse than my distaste for Friday. You only come around once a YEAR!!! The kids are so excited to see you that they become unruly. Then you only stay for one week. SERIOUSLY???? Do you even love me??? Even though I know the answer is a resounding NO, I am so ready for you. Unfortunately, so are my students. That’s the worst thing about Spring Break. They are particularly unruly. I simply cannot wait for  Thursday. I guess I’ll see you then! I’ll be waiting!