Pacing Plans, Curriculum Mapping, & the Year 2031!

I have been wracking my brain over how to take my teaching AND my students to a higher level. I don’t want them to be mini-machines, I just want them to be prepared for the year 2031. I know 2031 may seem like an odd number, but I’ll explain.

I got the year 2031 from a training I recently attended on Curriculum Mapping with Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacob. The information I received was the answer to my prayers. I have been trying to think of a way to” map” out my entire curriculum, but didn’t quite know the way. I was feeling a little lost because in public school, there’s a pacing plan and other plans. There’s a “plan” for almost everything. Almost everything is set out for you. It can be kinda’ restrictive. Although I didn’t like being so “hemmed in”, it had its’ benefits.

In order to find a “plan”, I looked at other Catholic schools website to try to see if there were any type of plan (pacing or otherwise) to be found. Alas, there were none. Since I am not a quitter and I want to be the best- a world class teacher- I knew I had to find a way. Although I haven’t even begun mapping my curriculum, at least I know that’s a tool I have in my arsenal that will help me get to where I want to be.

Now, back to preparing my students for the year 2031! During the Curriculum Mapping workshop, the presenter, Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacob, asked a question of the audience. “What year are we training our students for?,” she asked.

2011. 2020. 2015. 2017. Various people people yelled out.

“I’m sorry to tell you that you are all wrong,” she said. Look at your curriculum and you will see that most of it is from the late ’90’s & early 2000’s.

Are you serious???

The problem, she continued, is that research takes at least 10 years to make it into the classroom. Another 2-3 years to clear all the red tape. And, if your school district is poor, it could take another 4-5 years. So, once school districts employ the “new” techniques, it’s already almost 13-18 years old. So much for “new” techniques!

To wrap this post into a neat little package, I’d like to say to say: If you, like I, have been searching for a better way to do “things” and not make do with the same ole’-same ole’, then give curriculum mapping an old look see. It would help you with that pesky pacing plan & begin to start preparing your students for the years to come.

So, if the question has not already sprang into your mind, it should have. What are you doing to prepare your students for the year 2011? Better yet, How are you preparing your students for the year 2031?

** I will write more on curriculum mapping in the days to come. In the next post, I will explain how curriculum mapping can help you prepare your class for the year 2031.**