Library Cards, Replacement Books, & Self-Motivation!

Although I didn’t like the walk yesterday because it was too doggone hot, I am really pretty happy about my monthly library trips. There were three things that happened on Friday that mad me oh, so happy. To begin with, two of my students got their library card applications signed ahead of time & were able to get their library cards on the spot. Secondly, I was given information by one of the library employees that will save me $38. Did you know that you can replace a damaged or lost book? Well, neither did I. I’d actually asked an employee at another branch if I could do that and was specifically told that I could NOT. Color me happy to find out that I could. The book that I water damaged was going to cost me $45 to replace it. Not anymore!!! I found a website where I purchased the book for $7.26 with free shipping. Yeah, I was pretty happy about that!

The last thing that made me oh, so happy was when one of my students, Michael (who was definitely not a reader before this year, but who has since been devouring books), found the Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage, that I was going to introduce to them, all on his own. Let me begin by saying the book has 608 pages. Let me say again that he started with Book 1. Big deal, you say? Yes, it is! When I began introducing them to series, they would read them out of order. I had to tell them that they would not get the most out of the series if they did not begin with the first book. He listened and began with Book 1.

“Michael,” I said. “Where’d you get the book? Did the librarian recommend that book to you?”

“No,” he said. “I saw and I liked it, so I got it.”

“Wow,” I thought to myself. I was just about to introduce them to that series. I had it in my Amazon cart.

I am so proud of them. My students are motivating themselves and going further than I thought they would. I love it!


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