Complacent Me!

Actually, the title is meant to be ironic. I am not complacent. I do not have time to be. It seems as if every time I get a little comfortable with my teaching methods, record keeping or otherwise, something comes along to knock that idea right out of my head.

My most recent tussle with complacency began because I was prett-ay impressed with myself. You see,  I changed my Reading packet format and consequently was able to complete my reading lesson plans for the rest of the year. Not only that, I was so happy that I was able to move my 4th grade so quickly.

Well, all of that came to a crashing end today as I welcomed my new students. They are extremely low. This is not a problem though. I will simply do my job and work with them. It makes my job a little harder, but as always, I will do my job and do what I need to do. Here’s to complacency and not going there!


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