Hand in the Cookie Jar…

Well, I’ve solved the mystery of who the thief is in my class. I wasn’t surprised. This kid in question, Chip, who tried to steal something today told me, awhile ago, that he’d stolen a book from a kid at his last school. He got a chuckle out of it & was quite proud of it. So, when the last items disappeared, I kept my eye on him.

Today, I was really mad about the stealing, so I sent two students to get the Principal. Once she told my class that they would have no Recess or Lunch play for the whole week unless the eraser miraculously appeared on my desk, we got results. Chip “miraculously” found the eraser right by his desk. This was, of course, after he rifled through his backpack.

I am so mad I could spit. I don’t want him thinking there is nothing he can do to win my trust back, but seriously there’s nothing he can do to win my trust back. I am not going to let him buy from my classroom store & since the penalty is the loss of all money, I will take all his money tomorrow. But, I need advice on this. Am I being too harsh? What would you do?


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