The Past and Present!

Oh, how I love PDs that actually get your juices flowing, motivates you and makes you raring to go. I had a PD today that did just that. It was a wrap-up of 6 months worth of writing instruction with a writing coach. I learned so much today and this whole year. I can’t wait until summer when I can sit back and enjoy The Quickening, when I assimilate all the information I’ve learned this year. It’s funny how it hits me like a bolt of lightning. It gives me the strength to put the changes into place. In fact, I’m putting the changes into place as we speak. Although you can’t see it, I am in two places at once- the present and the future. In the present, I am writing down all my ideas and plans for the future. In the future, I am decorating my classroom and putting together all the pieces of the puzzle I’ve learned this school year, and I have to tell you, my classroom looks amazing.

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