Just Do This!

My daughter, in all of her 9-year old wisdom, gave me an unsolicited answer to a very complicated question. “Well, Mom,” she said, “you can fix it if you just …” The rest doesn’t really need to be written. It’s what people do. They give unsolicited advice, thinking they’re helping by minimizing.

Now, I’m not mad at my daughter. She’s only 9. The recommendation she gave me was actually pretty good. I can actually remember thinking like her when I was nine.  I don’t have a problem with a child’s simplistic answer. My problem is with ignorant, but well meaning adults. That’s the thing with teaching, everyone thinks they can do it. However, if you’ve been teaching for any amount of time, you know that is not the case. Teaching takes years to master. It’s not like anyone can just a walk into the classroom and do it. Although there are some that can. They are very rare indeed.

My advice to you: If you know a teacher (especially a new teacher), please don’t say to them, “Just do this…”

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