What I Like About You!

Since it is nearing the end of the year, I”m thinking about the beginning of next year. So, today I polled my students and asked them what they wanted to change about the class. This is what they said they did not like about the class:

  • Slow internet connection,
  • Not enough field trips,
  • No math workbooks (We’re getting EnVision ones next year),
  • No A/C (we were burning up),
  • Heater doesn’t work (we were freezing),
  • No couch or chair in the classroom (I’m bringing the one from my garage for next year),
  • The stealing in the classroom,
  • Some students not doing their homework or trying (only 2),
  • More science

Now, this is what they liked:

  • All of my personal books that I brought to the classroom,
  • Organized classroom,
  • Centers,
  • Art supplies (purchased with my own money),
  • Cleanliness of the class,
  • Computers in the class,
  • The tables for the centers,
  • Group & the ability to work in them,

This is what I did NOT like:

  • The stealing
  • Some students not turning in their homework or making little or no effort,

This is what I DID like:

  • Everyone in the class gained at least 25 w.p.m. (D.I.B.E.L.S.)
  • Everyone’s attitude changed for the better. Although there are some I would have liked to have changed more, I am still happy with the change.

I saved the BEST for last. This was what more than half the class said, “Miss, you are the best teacher in the world.”

Of course that made me blush. I am really going to miss them.


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