A McGyver-Like Presentation!

You know how McGyver was able to make a bomb from a chocolate bar, a rubber band, & something else? Well, that’s what I felt like yesterday. I was able to throw together a presentation from some string and two pieces of bubblegum. Well, it wasn’t that drastic, but I only had a granola bar, two packets of syrup, a packet of ketchup, a bottle of ginger ale, a couple bottles of water, a bottle of Broma Cleanse (a colon cleanser) and a bottle of Oil of Oregano.

Here’s the story. Yesterday, my school had Family Fitness Night. Every teacher had a station. My original station was a physical activity station that I was not too thrilled with. I wanted to do the nutrition presentation, but it was already taken. There’s a long story in here, but today I don’t feel like writing it. So, to make a long story short, I left my P.E. gear at home since I was running late. By a sheer stroke of luck, I was assigned the nutrition presentation at the last minute. Even though I had no presentation materials, I wasn’t worried. I am excellent at presentations. This is what I did. I practically did it with a shoestring and two pieces of bubble gum. I grabbed a Sweet & Salty granola, ketchup packet, two packets of syrup, my Oil of Oregano, a bottle of Bromacleanse (a colon cleanser), a bottle of ginger ale, and a couple bottles of water. I looked at the stuff that I had and wondered what they all had in common. Lately, I’ve been researching the harmful effects of high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup is in nearly everything. So, of course, there’s high fructose corn syrup in ketchup (3rd ingredient), syrup (1st & 2nd ingredients), and ginger ale (2nd ingredient).

So, that’s the way I decided to go. I explained the Food Pyramid to refresh everyone’s memory, asked a couple questions about that. Then I went it for the kill (j/k) with the questions regarding the high fructose corn syrup. Finally, I tied it all in with the Oil of Oregano and the Bromacleanse after I  presented an example of a healthy menu. I was pretty proud of myself. I’m not sure if you can understand what a great feeling I got from this, but I do. I am so proud of myself. I definitely pulled a rabbit out of my hat with this one.

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