Nice to Mr. P, Not Me!

Thursday was a very emotional day for me. It was the second to the last day of school, so the parents arranged for the class to have lunch. I will get to that. However, I want to discuss my students being nice to the substitute, Mr. P., the day before when I was absent because I attended the graduation of David & my niece, Melanee. I tried to arrange for them to have a sub, Ms. L, who is kinda’ boring and doesn’t let them get away with anything. Well, that didn’t happen. For whatever reason, that didn’t happen. They were given another sub who they behaved very well for. I was a little upset that they would behave for someone else. They also kept telling me how nice he was.

“What am I, chopped liver?” I said.

So, that was the journal question for the day for the five students who don’t normally behave well, who behaved well for Mr. P. For the other students who usually behave, their journal question was, What am I proud of accomplishing this year?

I didn’t know what to expect. I just wanted to know what they were thinking. I had to say that I was pleasantly surprised yet again. They are always surprising me. So, I set the timer for 15 minutes to give them time to really think about their answers. I have to say that they did put a lot of thought into their answers. Two of the students apologized, while two made excuses. The one that made my day year was when Olive Boy read his letter to me (because I couldn’t read his writing). I was, at once, flattered and convicted. I’ll talk about the reason I was flattered in a minute. The reason I was convicted is because I felt like I could have done more. I almost gave up on him. I came soooooooooooo close. Even though almost doesn’t count, I feel really bad about that.

Now, the reason I was so flattered by Olive Boy’s comment is because he wrote, in his journal, that he behaved so well with Mr. P was because he was afraid he was going to be like the other teachers he’s had that treated him so badly in the past. He told me that he misbehaves with me because he knows that I will forgive him and not be mean to him. This nearly reduced me to tears. I felt so happy and privileged to be honored with his trust.

You know you learn something new everyday. He will be a lesson to me to never, ever, ever entertain the idea of giving up on ANYONE. Everyone deserves someone in their corner. Hopefully I can be that for my children, my family, and others I come into contact with.

To get back to what I was saying in the beginning, the parents arranged a class party. There is always more than enough food. We had Guatemalan pupusas, which I’m told are different than other pupusas, that were absolutely fantastic. I’m hungry so I won’t go into a description of the other food that was there. Just know there was a lot of food there. Anyway, what really made me emotional was all the thanks from the parents. They thanked me profusely because they know how far their children have come. It was a great day. I’m surprised I didn’t cry. Thanks for listening. That’s all I have to say for now. Bye!