University of Texas’ “How to Evaluate Sources”

So many people today think that Wikipedia is a great source. It’s NOT! I remember one of my professors @ APU, Dr. Lampkin, had the same disdain for Wikipedia as Paul Giamatti’s character had for Merlot. To him, it was the lowest of the low; not even worthy of his consideration. Your grade was automatically lowered if you used Wikipedia as a source.

Face it! Anyone can make a Wikipedia page. This is not to say that they do not contain scholarly information. It’s just that there is no checks and balances. It’s no one’s job to police Wikipedia articles.

So, in honor of proper research, here are a couple tutorials on how to evaluate sources: (How to Evaluate Books, Journals, Magazines, & Newspapers) (Evaluate Web Sites) (Popular Magazines vs. Scholarly Journals) (What’s a Research Article, Anyway?) (What’s a Review Article?)

Do not get me wrong. I do NOT dislike Wikipedia. I love it. I use it all the time on this blog. But, I do not use it for my scholarly papers. So, bye for now!


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