Bringing My “A” Game!

I’ve been doing a bit of shopping. I’m getting ready to go back to work. Normally I wouldn’t be shopping so early, but since I work at a Catholic school, I return August 9th for a bit of professional development with the students returning August 16th. I’ve been shopping because last year I was such a slacker. Last school year I was such a slacker. I actually wore flip-flops to school on several occasions. They weren’t my relief shoes either. I purposely wore them. I was still pretty put together, but I did have my moments of “don’t give a damn days”.
When I thought back, I was so embarrassed that I dressed like that. I called Danika and she told me not to worry about it; that if everyone else was dressing pretty casually, then I had every right to also. “I think not,” I said. “Even if everyone else is dressing like a bum, that does NOT excuse me. I need to bring my “A” game no matter what. What I’ve been being reminded of a lot lately, it’s all in how YOU respond. That’s it. That’s all I wanted to say. Bye for now!

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