Boy, Shopping is So Much Fun!

In order to continue to bring my “A” game, in regard to dressing, I went shopping on Thursday with Danika. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend, but wanted a few well made pieces anyway. I had to do a bit of travelling to get to the Citadel Outlet Stores in Commerce, CA, but knew I’d get more bang for my buck there. But, before I went there, I needed to go to Manhattan Village to return two corduroy boyfriend jackets I bought online @ Once I realized I could fit a smaller size, I bought the smaller size. So, I went to Manhattan Village, returned the jackets & passed Talbots Petite. I was so happy. I didn’t even know there was a Talbots Petite. Even though my budget was small, I decided to pop in there and was pleasantly surprised. There was a whale of a sale going on in there. Most clothes were 50% off the original price + an additional 20% off that. I got a black picot stretch sheath dress for $24.50. I know, right? Any dress @ Talbots for $24.50 is soooooooo good. Not only that, I got a pumpkin colored short sleeve cardigan for $12.50. After taxes, I paid a grand total of $43.29.

After that, I went to the Citadel Outlets and bought some black suede booties (2 3/4″) from Aerosoles for $39.99 ($43.49 with tax). I tried to get the gray ones to match with the gray corduroy boyfriend jacket I got from J. Jill, but they sold out in size 6 1/2. I’m not worried though, because I called and the sales person said to check periodically, that they might get some back in. So, you had better believe that I’m calling bright & early tomorrow morning to see because I looked for them on the internet. I found them, but the retail price is $99.99. No thanks! I think I’ll stick to the outlet price of $39.99.

Lastly, I went to the Ann Taylor Outlet. They were also having an out of this world sale- 40% off the lowest ticketed price + an additional 15% off that. The prices were amazing, but since I was basically out of money, I only had enough cash for a cute little magenta cardigan & a purply pink tee for a grand total, after taxes, of $24.01.

So, for $43.29 (Talbots) + $43.49 (Aerosoles) + $24.01 (Ann Taylor) a grand total of $110.79, I bought a dress, two cardigans, & a bar of booties from high end stores. Not a bad day of shopping.