Not Yet! Part 1

Well, Dear Readers,

I’ve been in my classroom all week  & have yet to finish. I did have two 1/2 days of Professional Development. It’s no excuse though. I b.s.’ed  and did a whole bunch-of-nothing for two days. I could have had that room finished by now. I’m kinda’ mad at myself, but will get over it. I’m thinking about going in on Sunday to finish up the top bulletin boards, shelve the books, and cover the computer table and the back table I use for group work. Once that’s done, I’ll be finished. After that, I just need to make copies on Monday for the first week of school and I’ll be fine.

The Laz-E boy chair that I bought looks fantastic in the room. I’ll take pictures (I will, I promise) and post them on Monday. I don’t think I’ll be doing any posting on Tuesday since it’s the first week of school. So, look out for the pics. Bye for now!


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