Lakeshore is the Devil!%$#

Danika & I used to say that the .99¢ store, Dollar Tree & the dollar section in Target was the devil. However, now I’ve reassessed the situation and think that Lakeshore has taken their places. Of course, I’m just kidding. But, I am tired of giving my money to them. I went there last Wednesday & spent $22. 35 on borders. However, the 5 packs that I got were nowhere near enough to cover the whole classroom. It was just enough to cover the bottom bulletin boards.

Today, I had to go back and get twice as many as before because my classroom is so big. I have 14 bulletin boards. I know! I spent $54.85 for borders for the top bulletin boards, rules poster, yellow & orange construction paper (for color coding class work), sparkly letters (so I don’t have to die-cut any), & some erasers for the prize box. All in all, it’s not too bad to decorate the class. It’s only once a year. I’ve done much worse in years past. Gotta’ go, but I’ll definitely post pics tomorrow when I’m finished decorating. Really I will.

Bye for now!