Me & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

Today was the day from H.E.L.L!!! It was the worst day of my teaching career. Let me begin at the beginning. I just wasn’t feeling “it” today. I was feeling a bit off all day. I get in and see the parent from H.E.L.L. waiting on me. I politely passed her and her trouble-making self up.

Next, my student, Coaster, who I’ve been having tremendous success with (up until today) decided that he didn’t want to do any work today. Then, a student came to me with some disturbing news that made me fear for her safety, so I had to call Child Protective Services. Lastly, the mother from H.E.L.L. showed up after school with a petty, bitchy complaint. Normally, I would have been happy to entertain her, but today was the 4th time, in a week, that she’d come to me in a foul manner. The other reason was that I was on the phone with Child Protective Services when she & her daughter were at my classroom door pounding relentlessly for about 5 minutes.

After I called Child Protective Services I cried. This story is much longer but, I will share it at another time because I still have tears in my eyes. Bye for now!