She Made a Conscious Decision!

After a hellacious couple of weeks, I am finally having some success with, India, the child of the MFH. She was giving me just as much trouble as her mother. She was lying, cheating, and causing trouble. All with NO remorse.

During her first week of school, I told her NO and she simply did not seem to understand. She had a very puzzled look on her face as if she’d never heard the word before. SHE PROBABLY HASN’T!!!

So, to make a log story short, I gave the class my speech about working as a team, how our class is a family, and that the rules apply to everyone. I told them that I am the same on the first day of school to the last of school. So, either they were going to make a conscious decision to “get with the program” or have no privileges in the classroom or money to buy at the classroom store.

Well, I guess this story is not going to be as short as I wanted it to be. Anywho, let me just get to it. I pulled the girls for a conference because Binaca Blast kicked the Queen in the back of the leg. I had a group discussion with them after I had separate discussions with each of them. This is when I found out that Binaca Blast has been treating the Queen so badly because Binaca Blast likes Genius Boy. She thinks that Genius Boy likes the Queen when he sticks so close to her during classwork. But, he’s only sticking so closely to her because I asked him to give her extra help. (Boy, I tell you about little girls!)

After finding out this information, I decided to go another route with my talk with them. I decided to focus on them, and their hopes and dreams. I asked them what they thought the class was going to be like; what I was like; and how they thought the year was going to be for them.

The other girls had good things to say, but India surprised me THE most. It was at this point that I complimented her on her behavior change.

She said, “Thanks Miss! I decided to be better at school; with my behavior and everything. I decided I needed to get with the program.”

At this point, you could have bowled me over with a feather. I was so happy. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy about it. I just didn’t know that she was capable of making that type of decision. So, this is what I consider my first success of the year. Still, as is evidenced from years past, anything can happen. So continue to keep me in your prayers. Bye for now!


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