Online Library Card Application

I’m about to start my monthly trips to the public library. Surprisingly, the students loved it. They complained a little when it was hot, but they loved going. Olive Boy was a little troublesome, but all in all, not that bad. I’ll resume the trips in October when it’s not so hot. Last year, we were pretty problem-free. The biggest problem I experienced was some of the students not being able to check out books because their parents did not return the library card application. Well, I (or the public library system) have the solution. There are two options. You can go into any branch location, fill it out and get the card on the spot or you can fill out the application online by clicking this link ( Now you have up to 3 weeks to pick up the card.



Getting to the Heart of the Matter

I’ve been having my Dr. Who-like talks with my student, Binaca Blast. She’s having a hard time adjusting to the rules of my classroom. I have a poster board posted with prices for How to Make $$$/How to Lose $$$. She’s broken one of my most expensive rules- $50 (Lakeshore money) for lying. Last week, she lost $100.

I was trying to cut her some slack & work with her, but she failed both times. I gave her two chances to tell me the truth and she did not tell the truth either time.

It was at this point that I called my student, India, who lost 2 paychecks in a row for various infractions. I asked her to tell her story to Binaca.

“Well,” she said. “I decided to get with the program & start behaving, doing my homework, and stop acting bad”.

“Thank you India,” I said.

I then turned my attention back to Binaca Blast. I told her that her behavior was unacceptable and not going to work in my classroom. I asked her when was she going to “get with the program” and stop with some of the negative behaviors.

She had no answer. I can’t say I made any headway with her. Only time will tell. We’re only in the 4th week of school, so I’ll keep having my Dr. Who-like talks with her and see how things go. I’ll write later. Bye for now!