Getting to the Heart of the Matter

I’ve been having my Dr. Who-like talks with my student, Binaca Blast. She’s having a hard time adjusting to the rules of my classroom. I have a poster board posted with prices for How to Make $$$/How to Lose $$$. She’s broken one of my most expensive rules- $50 (Lakeshore money) for lying. Last week, she lost $100.

I was trying to cut her some slack & work with her, but she failed both times. I gave her two chances to tell me the truth and she did not tell the truth either time.

It was at this point that I called my student, India, who lost 2 paychecks in a row for various infractions. I asked her to tell her story to Binaca.

“Well,” she said. “I decided to get with the program & start behaving, doing my homework, and stop acting bad”.

“Thank you India,” I said.

I then turned my attention back to Binaca Blast. I told her that her behavior was unacceptable and not going to work in my classroom. I asked her when was she going to “get with the program” and stop with some of the negative behaviors.

She had no answer. I can’t say I made any headway with her. Only time will tell. We’re only in the 4th week of school, so I’ll keep having my Dr. Who-like talks with her and see how things go. I’ll write later. Bye for now!


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