Getting in the Right Mindset! (or In the Jungle with no Machete!)

I NEED A MACHETE!!! No, I’m not crazy. It’s not for anything unspeakable. Just bear with me and as usual I will bring it back around.

You see, I was talking to my friend, Danika, the other day about how I perceive the world. I feel as if I’m stuck in the middle of the jungle- the thickest part, no less- with no way of getting out. Getting out of the jungle would be a lot easier  (understatement of the year) if I had what I needed- a machete, perhaps. Unfortunately I don’t think I’m going to be handed one anytime soon. But, I digress!

If there’s one thing I learned from my first teaching job, it’s that no one was really obligated to look out for me. It would have been nice if they would have, but they were not obligated to.

So, that’s basically what I was telling Danika as she told me about her co-teacher who never pulls her own weight. I told her that although she should pull her own weight, there’s a possibility that she may never do it. Not only that, but people like that will drain you of your energy also.

I told her to change her mindset. Think like this, “If she helps, fine. If she doesn’t help, fine. Either way, rely on yourself. Go into a situation knowing that you have only yourself to depend on. That is what I did in my first teaching assignment and continue to do to this day.

For example, right now, I am putting together an intervention plan for the entire school, K-8. I’m doing a lot of research, but I really don’t  know what I’m doing. I could really use some help, but don’t think I’m going to get it. It’s okay though. I will definitely be okay. But, again, I digress. What I’m really writing about today is depending on yourself. Once you put yourself in that mindset, you realize that you don’t need anyone to help you. Although it would be really convenient for you, you’ll make do with what you have.

So, instead of having a machete (the ideal tool), how about making what you need by breaking a branch off the tree and sharpening it to the point where it can be of some use to you and hack away at your problems a little at a time.  It may take you a little longer to do the job since you don’t have the required tools, but you’ll still get it done.

Got it? Good. Now, go do what you need to do!


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