He Felt Comfortable Enough to Cry!

I am so happy that one of my students cried in front of the whole class. Why am I so happy about that??? Well, I’m happy about it because he felt comfortable enough to cry; which means he feels safe.

It was after lunch & we were working on English. I had my head down. Suddenly, I look up and the King is next to me crying.

“Oh, my goodness,” I asked, in complete shock. “Why are you crying?”

He told me that he was feeling sad. I later found out that he was sad because two of my former students wouldn’t let him play soccer with them during lunch time. It was at this point that I called the rest of the class over to give him a group hug. Once he calmed down enough to be coherent, I sat him in my special chair & let him blow bubbles. (Dear Readers, if you haven’t let your students blow bubbles to calm down, then you need to try it. It really works.)

After I sat the King down, I called two of the bigger boys to go over and sit with him. They talked, laughed, & blew bubbles. Once the King was calm enough, I sent the two bigger boys back to their seats. I then gave him 3 more minutes to blow the bubbles before he needed to return to his seat to work.

He returned to his seat much happier.

Now to get back to why I was happy that he felt comfortable enough to cry. I know that I’m doing something right when a student feels comfortable enough to cry because they know they are loved.


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