10 Simple Truths I’ve Learned About Education

Working in education makes you one tough mutha’, shut yo’ mouth! Although I may get off track and temporarily want to smack someone (as with MFH), I’ve learned many simple truths that will help save your sanity. They are in no particular order. Enjoy!

  1. You will have parents (more than likely a mom) from hell who complain about everything.
  2. There will be parents who will question your methods.
  3. There will be parents who will have your back. Especially regarding the parents from hell.
  4. Administrators may turn on you. You’ve got to learn how to have your own back. What I mean by this is that you have to learn to stick up for yourself.
  5. Some years will be terrible.
  6. Some years will be fantastic.
  7. You may not like all of your students. Over the years (since we are human) we may have a personality clash or two with a student or two.
  8. You will not get paid what you are worth. Deal with it.
  9. Children need to learn:
  • Independence &
  • Struggle.
  • to be told no

10. All of your hard work will one day pay off!!!


2 thoughts on “10 Simple Truths I’ve Learned About Education

  1. Good tips! It is the administrator one that makes me nervous (I’m studying to be a special ed teacher but have worked as an aide in schools before.) I can deal with difficult parents by just speaking calmly to them and keeping it positive, especially since usually they are treating other staff members this way also and so you’re not alone. But I’m always a little intimidated if I’m “in trouble” with the boss!

  2. Miss Read, even though it makes you nervous, it may be a possibility. Hopefully, it won’t happen to you, but if it does, just lean on your support system. I’ll be reading your blog to see how things work out.

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