MFH…Again!!! (or Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Peace!)

Yes, Dear Readers,

MFH is at it again. She is a terribly unhappy person who is not happy unless she’s making someone else happy. But, I will not be one of the ones she makes unhappy. I just won’t let her. I am going to keep being me. If she had it her way, her daughter would be the only student in 4th grade. That way, she could get ALL the attention.

This is her problem- I have a combination 4/5 class. In order for the class to work, I put all the 4th graders together in one group; and I put all the 5th graders together in one group & switch back & forth all day. I am making the best out of a bad situation. MFH knows this, but she chooses to complain anyway. What did she do this time? Well, she went to the Principal. AGAIN!!! She complained that her daughter does not get enough feedback. NOT TRUE! The Principal said that she told her she knows I give the students feedback, but I’m not too sure if I believe that.

The problem- She stopped upsetting me. Whenever I spoke with her, I put a smile on my face. But that wasn’t the case during the first month of school. During the first month of school we were going at it because she wants me to give ALL of my attention to her child, to the exclusion of every other student. Obviously I cannot do that.

Well, I decided to put a stop to her harassment and to stop her from trying to ambush me in the mornings & after school. I put up a conference request sheet on my door that can be signed whether I’m there or not. I also started heading her off at the pass & began giving her daily updates on her daughter’s behavior. I really tried to work with her, but I see there is no pleasing her, so I’m not going to try.
Problem- She wants me to change the way I run my classroom. Well, that’s not going to happen. I am not going to stop running my class the way I run it. My classroom is very efficient and runs very well. It works for me & the students, soI will continue to work on my students and myself, professionally & personally. She is such a non-factor, it’s not even funny!

Problem- She wants to steal my peace, but she cannot or will not steal it. I’ll keep it to myself. Thank you very much!

So, that’s my rant for the day. Have a good day & don’t let anyone try to steal your peace.


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