Did He Tell Her Off Yet?

“Did he (Coaster) tell her off yet?,” asked the former 2nd/3rd grade teacher (Who’s no longer @ the school).

She didn’t ask me, she asked the school secretary. Her response: No, he only told you off!

I was so proud as the Principal complimented me on the difference in Coaster’s behavior from last year to this year. It is a BIG difference. Last year, he pretty much did what he wanted to do. He’s missing his test scores from last year because he refused to take the test. On bi-weekly trips to the computer lab, he would refuse to leave the computer lab because he wanted to stay. He would not eat with the class. He would not line up with the class. He would not sit with the class. He did not do ANY classwork at all.

However, all that has changed this year. It was a struggle, I will not lie, but he did take the test this year (except one part), he does leave the computer lab when the rest of the class leaves, he does eat with the class, he does line up with the class, he does sit with the class. And (drum roll)…he does do classwork, even when they are working independently.

How’s that for progress?


2 thoughts on “Did He Tell Her Off Yet?

  1. Angel, I did it with good ole’ persistence. I also spoke plainly with him and told him that he needed to act like a big boy and do his work. I told him that his behavior last year was unacceptable last year and that I was not going to accept it. He fought it, but he came around.

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