What a Breakthrough!!!

Lately I’ve been raving about Coaster because he is making such great progress. Last year, he was extremely difficult. He didn’t interact with the students, he eat with the students, he didn’t complete any classwork, and he had major attitude with the teacher. He’s missing test scores from last year because he didn’t want to take the test. It’s not like he wasn’t able to perform at a high level (The year before he scored at the 98th percentile in English/Language Arts), he just didn’t want to.

The teacher last year didn’t know how to handle him, so he ran over her with a MAC truck. He ran up one side and down the other. He knew that he couldn’t treat me like he treated her. When he came into my classroom, I laid down the law. I told him that I expected more of him and that I knew he could do more work than he did last year.

He respected my expectations as is evidenced from his progress (playing with other students) and attitude this year. I simply cannot believe the progress he’s made. If you knew him last year, then you would know that he is a completely different child. In a good way. I would love to say that he doesn’t have off-days where he produces absolutely no work. I would love to say that I’m so good that he did not test me, but that would not be the truth. He did test me on several occasions, but I stood firm, stuck to my rules, and did not budge one iota on my expectations of him. However, by and large, those days are anomalies. I am so proud of him and his progress.


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