WORDWORLD’S Interactive eBook Library

WORDWORLD CREATOR, DON MOODY, LAUNCHED NEW INTERACTIVE eBOOK LIBRARY WordWorld’s new eBooks bring words to life across digital platforms just in time for the 2010 Back to School season/

Don Moody, creator of the three time Emmy™ Award-winning television series WordWorld is launching a new, free eBook library  available online now and on iTunes–for iPhone and iPad. WordWorld has been demonstrated by a U.S. Department of Education funded study to improve early literacy skills. WordWorld’s eBook library extends the learning lessons introduced in the television series.

The WordWorld eBook library consists of five dynamic educational WordWorld stories. Children may read the eBooks on their own, be read to by a caregiver or have stories read aloud to them by the eBook narrator. By clicking select words in each eBook, children build words and watch letters “morph” into WordFriends™. A Caregiver Guide accompanies the eBooks, providing caregivers and educators strategies to maximize the tool’s educational effectiveness. “Children and [the WordWorld] eBooks are a match made in educational heaven!” says Linda Labbo, Professor of Language and Literacy Education at the University of Georgia.

“Words come to life on screens in unique ways that invite children to interact with stories, characters, and language. The interactivity scaffolds children’s attention and provides age appropriate prompts that ensure an entertaining and educational experience.” The WordWorld eBook library supports the curriculum delivered through the WordWorld television series. It provides the groundwork upon which emergent readers can build early literacy skills. Each eBook promotes story comprehension, age-appropriate vocabulary, rhyming, print awareness, phonological sensitivity and letter knowledge.

The eBook library can be viewed at: www.wordworld.com/ebook1/ About Word World, LLC Word World LLC

**WordWorld is partially funded by the U.S. Department of Education and is part of the Ready to Learn literacy initiative focused on helping children ages two to eight improve their reading skills. The Ready to Learn initiative is a partnership of the U.S. Department of Education, the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, PBS and the Ready to Learn Partnership.


Congratulations to Phillise!

I am so happy. My daughter’s team won 1st place in the cheer competition at Magic Mountain & 3rd place in the dance category. I think it should have been the other way around because I thought they did a better job in the dance category. But, it’s all good because we are still going to Nationals in January. YAY! CONGRATULATIONS PHILLISE!!!