Yay! She Got 2/20!!!

I am so happy with one of my students, Ms. Loud Talker (It’s so the opposite. She’s very quiet, but she is slowly, but surely, getting her voice.), who scored 2/20 on her test. I know that you’re probably asking why I’m celebrating such a low score, but just sit back and, as usual, I will explain. I know you need background on this, so just know that this post could potentially be a little long. Now, just sit back & enjoy the story.

You see, last year, when Ms. Loud Talker came into my class, late in the year (March), she didn’t talk at all. I seriously mean, not at all, for the first couple of hours. Her twin sister used to do all of the talking. Her mom later told me that she didn’t talk to her other teacher for the whole year. Are you reading what I’m writing? A whole year of not talking. So, I went to her and told her that I understood that she was shy, but that it was disrespectful to not talk to me. So, she slowly started talking to me within the week.

She tried not to though. She would send her twin sister up to me to ask for something, instead of asking for it herself. When her twin sister would come to me to ask for something for her, I would send her back to her seat and tell her to tell Ms. Loud Talker to come and ask me for herself. She would, but she would ask me so quietly that I would have to lean forward to hear her. It was almost to the point of her whispering in my ear. Now, fast forward to this year and she’s talking, not only to me, but all the students in the class. She is also now speaking up for herself. Can you believe that? I am so proud of her.

Fast forward again to Friday when I saw her test score. I almost cried…until I looked at the words. That’s when I noticed how close she was to the correct spelling. That’s when I cheered up. I knew right then and there what I was going to say to her to make her 2/20 seem like 20/20. I circled the one or two letters that were incorrect. I then wrote the correct spelling next to the incorrect word and pointed out how successful she ALMOST was.

So, I wrote/said all of that to say that she has made SUCH great progress. This is a synopsis of her success:

  • Last year, she wouldn’t even attempt a word she didn’t know. Now, this year, she will struggle with it.
  • Last year, she wouldn’t speak up for herself. This year, she does.
  • Last year, she was reading 5 w.p.m. last year. Right now she is reading 19 w.p.m.
  • Last year, she would NOT even attempt a spelling test. So I do not have a record of any spelling tests for her. The only thing I have is some of her writing that did not have a single word spelled correctly.

This is a copy of her Spelling test. Look at it for yourself and see why I’m so proud of her.

  1. ounce    (correct)
  2. sprowl   (sprawl)
  3. launch   (correct)
  4. loyowl     (loyal)
  5. ouvode     (avoid)
  6. foulter      (falter)
  7. moust       (moist)
  8. hount     (haunt)
  9. scow         (scowl)
  10. noutty     (naughty)
  11. distowry   (destroy)
  12. sowser      (saucer)
  13. pownc       (pounce)
  14. pousen      (poison)
  15. Aowgest    (August)
  16. owcshen    (auction)
  17. rowyal   (royal)
  18. cower     (coward)
  19. owcwerd     (awkward)
  20. anounce      (announce)

Last year she didn’t even try. Now, she reads with such confidence and fluency. Now, do you see why I’m celebrating 2/20 words correct!


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