Getting it Together Little by Little!

I am so happy that I finally found a way to streamline my Friday payment process. I was brainstorming with my husband about a way to make the process easier. While I was brainstorming, my husband asked a very pertinent question. He asked why I was doing it? I told him that it (with “it” being the whole timesheet deal) was for the students to take ownership of their behavior, homework, etc. + it was also to see who needed help with completing the timesheets. I thought about it and concluded that it was only 4 people max (Little Ladybug, Binaca Blast, & the twins). Once that was figured out, I happily went to work to try out my new (hopefully shorter) process. It worked like a charm. I had the students turn in their time sheets and I paid all  but the four students who need help.

Not only that, but I had them put the toys away until right before lunch. You see, the toys were distracting too many of the other students, so putting the toys away solved two problems: It stopped the distractions & cleared up space on the back table. Well, I guess it solved three because I only allowed the students to take out the toys 20 minutes before lunch, so the students had to be ready to purchase once they went to the back table. I held them strictly to it with a one minute timer. If they didn’t decide within the minute, then they had to wait until after everyone had purchased. Do you think any students missed the minute mark? If you guessed no, then you would be correct. Everyone made up their minds in one minute or less. So, instead of taking most of the morning to pay the students and let them buy, it only took about 30 minutes total. How’s that for progress?

Now, if only I can be consistent in grading the homework and getting it back to them, that would be sooooooooooo nice!!!