I Don’t Want to Do It! (or Your Wish is My Command!)

Dear Readers,

I am having a motivation problem with Coaster. Since he is “special” and an only child, his mother allows him to do whatever, and I do mean whatever, he wants. During last month’s PTO meeting, he poured an 8 oz. carton of milk on the floor. Did I mention that his mother just stared at him and did nothing? So, you see what I’m dealing with.

It has always been my philosophy that as long as a child was trying, they would not earn a fail in my classroom because I take many factors into consideration. However, I have about 10 pieces of work, literally, from this student since September. So, he will not be getting a C-, he will get the grades that he’s earned- D’s & F’s, because he is NOT trying too hard.

His mother will claim that she’s going to talk to him, but obviously whatever she’s doing isn’t working. If it was, he wouldn’t be acting the way he is acting. I’m pretty tired of his lack of motivation (That’s pretty PC, isn’t it?) But, I can’t expect to change 9 years worth of lack of motivation in the couple of months that I have him now, can I?

He told me that he didn’t want to do any work. So, one of my tactics is to give the student their wish. I told him that it was okay not to do any work.  “Go ahead and go to the back of the classroom and read your book,” I told him.

“Okay,” he said.

I let him do it for Religion, Science, Social Studies, and Math. By now it’s lunchtime & he is bored out of his skull. Every time he attempted to join the group, I reminded him of his wish. Do you wanna’ guess what happened after lunch??? Well, do ya’? After lunch, he joined the group. That happened yesterday. I was afraid it would have worn off by today. But, nope, he joined and participated in the group today. I guess I’ve gotten through to him. Only time & continued participation will tell.

I guess I’ll entitle this little strategy, Your Wish is My Command strategy! Bye for now.


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