My Ultimate Goal!!!

I was up for this job @ a charter school about two years ago. I didn’t get, but was okay with that because I didn’t really want it, but would have taken it. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. To get to the point, the Principal asked me where I saw myself in 5 years. I had to answer truthfully and tell her that I didn’t know. At that time I thought I just wanted to teach Special Education. Well, I guess I did. But, now that I’ve thought about it and had time to think things through, I have to say that my ultimate goal is to be an APEIS, which is the Assistant Principal in charge of Special Education. Special Education is where my heart is. I want to finish my master’s and get back into Special Education. First as a teacher, then as an Assistant Principal. If my current application as a Principal of a charter school doesn’t take me there, I’ll find another way to get there. I always do!

That’s it for now Dear Readers. I’ll write more as I learn more. Bye for now!

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