More B.ulls#$*!

This is funny because I am not even mad about it. The “it” being the Principal & her lackey. I’m not sure if I’ve written about it before, but the Principal of my work site is a little backstabby. She’ll smile in your face & then stick the knife in really good. It happened in the beginning of the year when I was dealing with the mom from hell. She most definitely did not have my back then, so I didn’t expect her to have it now.

So, this is what happened. I organized a field trip for 2nd-6th grade. It was quite unorganized. I lost one of the student’s trip slips, didn’t have all the money in. It was a big fat mess and it was my fault. I had a great time. It was nice. We went to a museum. The students were very excited & the parents had a good time. I even had a nap on the bus on the way home.

I get home, after my nap at home, and see a nasty e-mail from her and her assistant. The tone of the e-mail was pretty nasty. That’s the one thing I don’t like about the Principal. She doesn’t have the balls to directly confront anyone, so she will say it in a group e-mail or the faculty staff meetings.Not only that, but she will send one & her assistant will send one. Overkill. That is what they do. Not surprised or hurt by it, just mentioning it.

So, I thought about the e-mail for a minute, then replied. I accepted total responsibility for the field trip fiasco & questioned the policy that I was being chastised on. What was the policy? When was I notified of the policy? I have no problem following policy or protocol as long as I know about it. I will not knowingly break policy or protocol.

I’m waiting patiently for the staff meeting to bring this up. My title says teacher, not slave. Just because she is my boss, it doesn’t give her the right to treat me like I am less than her. The real problem is that she is getting reamed by her boss. She, of course, doesn’t have the strength to take it, so she figures she will take it out on her underlings. Well, today (or Friday for our staff meeting) is not the day to take frustrations out on underlings, especially not me!

I’ll let you know how things turn out on Friday. Bye for now!