Bull$^%! Part 2 (or Something Good Can Come Out of Failure!)

So, as you know, Dear Readers, I was pissed off to the highest of pissivity with my Principal & her assistant. They felt the need to try to put me on the spot for what I call the field trip fiasco. I took responsibility for the whole mess. Well, at least I tried to, but the other two teachers that went on the field trip didn’t let that happen. They assumed responsibility. I talked to the 6th grade teacher & he told me that he sent an e-mail acknowledging his part in it. Then I talked to the 2/3rd teacher. When I told him that the e-mail was directed at me & not to worry about it, he replied, “Nonsense. We’ll handle this as a team.” I could have kissed him. I felt so loved by my co-workers at that point. It felt more like a family than it ever has. Now, on to the part about the meeting.

So, the Principal brings it up & I’m ready for some bull$h^+! Imagine my surprise when she said that the e-mail wasn’t directed at me. She was lying, but I was glad that I did not have to get into a big brouhaha with her and her assistant. I guess they could see that I was ready for a fight. I didn’t want to and definitely wasn’t looking forward to it, but was going to do it if I had to.

You see, I’ve never been an instigator. I don’t start anything, but I will finish something. I’m like a cornered cat. In fact, I am a big cat- I’m a Leo. And you know how a cornered cat comes out clawing & aiming for the jugular. I didn’t want to go for the jugular, but I would have if necessary. Thank goodness it didn’t come to that because I’m changing. Slowly, but surely, I am changing. I know how to handle things next time. Next time I will simply reply, “Ok, I’ll do better” and leave it at that.

I consider this little “thing” as success and a failure. I consider it a success because, hopefully, this will make the Principal & her flunky stop effing with me. It’s a failure because I should have had better control of my emotions. You live and you learn. I can tell you that I definitely learn from this. I guess something good can come out of failure.

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