A PROCRASTINATORSAURUS or (Getting to the Root of Procrastination…)

Lately, I’ve  been on a mission to rid myself, or rather, make more manageable, my procrastination problem. It had become a really big problem. It’s so bad that I have papers in my closet, at work, from last grading period that I haven’t returned to the students. Do you see my dilemma now?

Well, as I said, I am on a mission to make my procrastinating more manageable. I’ve read articles (once I’ve gotten to them), asked for advice from successful people, and listened to meditation CDs.

While listening to the meditation CD, I had time to stop and think about why I have been a Procrastinatorsaurs. That’s when I realized I was procrastinating because I’m afraid of failing at that task. When I am fairly certain that I can perform a given task, I get right on it. However, if I know that I will struggle with it, I will put it off, and off, and off. As I’m doing with my grading and returning student work.

I’m really happy that I’ve gotten to the root of my procrastination problem. So far, I am making great progress. Let’s just hope that it continues. Here’s hoping. Bye for now!


2 thoughts on “A PROCRASTINATORSAURUS or (Getting to the Root of Procrastination…)

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