Great Ideas from the Training!

Dear Readers,

I am stoked! I got such great ideas from the Inclusion conference I attended on Saturday. Of all the ideas I took away from the training there are two that stand out in my mind. They are:

  1. Homework handouts
  2. Book Club

You see, homework has been such a big problem with me. At first I wasn’t giving enough because I wasn’t prepared. However, once I really learned how to plan, I gave too much. Now, I’m at the place where the amount of homework is just right. But (You knew there had to be a but!), the problem is at least two students who always come back (at least twice) to make sure, even though they have the homework down, they have everything written down correctly. While I do applaud their conscientiousness, it is a tad bit annoying. So, my take-away from the conference, was a fantastic idea from one of the people from The Frostig Center in Pasadena- homework handout.

It was recommended, for conscientious students like mine and students who have trouble copying from the board for whatever reason, to print out the homework and hand it to the students. LIGHT BULB!!! Why didn’t I do this before? Well, I thought it was going to add more to my plate. However, what I have discovered is that it will actually save time and questions from “conscientious students”.

My other take-away from the conference was Book Club. In the beginning of the year I tried to introduce other grade-level appropriate books during my Reading block. That did not work out like I planned because I ended up having to drop the Reading program, in favor of the Spelling program. So, there went my literature circle. I really wanted it back, but didn’t know where I would find the time. Well, after the conference I realized I could do it on Center/Review Fridays. It would serve so many purposes. It would be academically appropriate, it would satisfy the Principal’s desire for “extra” literature, it would help them work on their writing skills, they would be reading more, it would keep them accountable, etc. I could go on, but I don’t need to. I’m sure  you can see the possibilities.

As it is past 9 0’clock, that means it’s past my bedtime. I am so NOT a night person. So, I will continue this tomorrow. Bye for now!


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