Twenty Extra Minutes…

Dear Readers,

Let me just give you a little background information. I work in a big building with a lot of empty classrooms. I am alone in my wing of the building. It’s kinda’ scary once the school is empty. That’s why when time “falls back” in the Fall, I usually high tail it out of there around 4:30. Any later than that and it feels like you have someone following you in the hallway. Let me say it again, that it’s a little scary in that building after 4:00. Well, today I was so psyched. I stayed after work today and was not afraid. Why? Well, it was still light. I stayed ’til a little after 5 and was okay with it. I was going to leave around 4:30 like I usually do, but decided to stay that twenty extra minutes to finish up some things I just couldn’t get done because there isn’t enough hours in the day. The only thing I didn’t do was make my To Do list. My desk is still a mess, but I was able to complete a few key tasks. I think I’ll stay a little later tomorrow. That’s all to report. Bye for now!

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