A Nice Hot Bath!

There’s not too much a nice hot bath can’t cure. I really needed it. I was so stressed today. My students are so unruly. The boys are rambunctious & the girls are catty & petty. I can deal with the boys. They’re just a little playful. If itt were up to me, I would have no girls in my class, only boys. Boys are wwaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy easier to deal with than girls.

Today I reached my breaking point with them. I asked for a drama-free day since my site is going through WASC accreditation this week. Do you think they listened? Take a wild guess! Of course they didn’t. It was business as usual; it was like I’d said nothing at all. They even pulled out big. ALLIGATOR tears. Oh boy, little girls and waterworks!!!!!

I am really ready for Spring Break! Bye for now!!!


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